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  1. Bruno is a rolling Stones reference, but to be fair the majority of the stands are named after songs except the first few that are named after the tarot

  2. "is zippers guy just a giant rolling stones reference?" WELL SPEAKING OF THE STAND ROLLING STONE Continues to go on a long elaborated explanation of Buciallati's fated death rip ;-; </3

  3. if you watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Abridged Series. the voiceover for Jotaro sounds exactly like Mark

  4. All Star Battle, as fantastic looking as it is and for all fanservice squeezed in, doesn't feel like the best fighting game to me tbh. It felt like they were split between wanting to do a conventional 2D fighter, a 3D fighter, and an Anime Brawler (not an Anime Fighter like Blazblue, mind you. Something more like the Naruto and DBZ games).

    The normals feel way out of whack; the Crouching Lights were absurdly fast, and the Mediums and Heavies felt too slow. There were just so many little things that felt off and shortened the game's lifespan for me after I cleared all of Story Mode, especially when I tried introducing it to my Fighting Game friends.

    If you're a Jojos fan or a casual gamer, this is gonna be great for you; but it's a weird and awkward ceiling to hit if you come out of games like MvC, CvS, and the Street Fighter games. I GUESS people more acclimated to 3D fighters would have an easier time with this, but Tekken Tag 2 still felt leagues better than this.

    I'm really happy Eyes of Heaven looks to have moved more towards Anime Brawler and made up its mind. Kinda wish ArcSys would give Jojos the Persona 4 Arena treatment, though.

  5. Was a little disappointed that one button goes through every move for you. More about flash, less about actual fighting. But as a Jojo fan I still love it.

  6. Ok small breakdown on your favorite character. Don't worry no big spoilers.
    First of all he is a priest and his Stand's name is White Snake.
    Second he does't slice people faces open with CDs, his ability is that when he hit you your soul and abilities pop out in the form of 2 CDs that he can then steal and put into other people. He is the character with most broken abilities in the JoJo Universe and that is saying something.
    It is a shame that you have the Japanese version. The JoJo Universe is a mash of western and eastern pop culture to the extend that the name of the Big Bads Stands since Season 4 have been: Killer Queen, King Crimson, Made in Heaven/Stairway to Heaven, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and others.

  7. I remember when this came out for dreamcast. Looks fun though, and you're lucky to not be missing any fingers or a hand!

  8. i love this game but i can't stand the poses they made for everyone they look very non-threatening only one who i enjoy is the Horse guy and Jojo everyone else just scares me, Great game tho

  9. I like how he noticed the Rolling Stones reference when almost all the characters reference western music

  10. Watched this review, next YouTube video I watched had an add for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime… Google is always watching.

  11. Mark is going to make us wait a month for the fight stick review, the same way he made us wait a month for this review. He waits to the point we forget the review was coming, and as soon as we forget, he posts them. He likes to play mind tricks like that. Maybe that's why he has not post his F1 2013 and F1 2014 reviews, because we still haven't forgotten.

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