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Could I return this for free?


If i buy a playstation 3 from walmart.com and use bill-me-later. Could i return the playstation 3 within a month without paying anything?

I can’t afford a ps3. I want to play a certain game, then return the p23 so I don’t have to pay for it.

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  1. This may sound bad, but walk into the store and tell them that it was defective. I did this at Target, but mine really was defective, it never turned on. They don’t check, they’ll refund you. But if they do check, you’ll be in trouble. Plus you’ll have to live with the guilt. But otherwise, no way.

  2. dude just save your money. the new 80g bundle wont be out till june and you get all the offered features you’d want.

  3. Dude, Thats like impossible to get a system to play the game and then return it for free. You will still have to pay no matter how you do it. You might want to check around, some places rent game systems. Good luck on Mission Impossible.

  4. well i would guess if u got it shipped you would have to pay to return it.and even then for the “bill me later” u have to give a credit card # so they could bill u before u sent it back.

    but to all my knowalge u cannot return a open game system and get all ur money back unless something was wrong with it.”that the person who bought it didn’t cause”

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