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dantes inferno or bioshock 2?


im gonna buy a game so which do you recommend and is it true bioshock 2 is exactly like bioshock 1

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  1. Based on Gamespot.com’s reviews, I would get Bioshock 2. From what I’ve seen of Dante’s Inferno, it looks like a really good game, but that doesn’t mean it will be. Also ask yourself which you like better, a hack and slash, or a first person shooter. Bioshock 2 also has the reputation of its first game, which was amazing, and although the story of the second one probably won’t be nearly as creative, I’d bet that it is going to be a great game.

  2. i was debating the very same thing. i asked an employee at gamestop and he recommended bioshock 2. reviews on gamespot appear to confirm this. dante’s inferno supposedly is entertaining at first but later feels like a god of war ripoff.

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