Home Xbox Forum Did xbox really copied ps?

Did xbox really copied ps?


ok, so i saw this photo(which was just a joke) saying that xbox360 name was copied from ps controller.

If you look closely you can see an X and a square and a circle(X-square-O) X-BOX-360?Is this just a coincidence?

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  1. Have you looked at the controllers for the PS and Xbox? They look nothing alike.

    What you probably saw was a homemade mod where someone shoved the guts from a PS controller inside a Xbox controller. People do these sorts of one-off hack projects all the time.

    Someone else took a laptop shell and shoved a the guts of a game console inside of it.

  2. Would help if you included the picture you are talking about.

    & of course its just coincidence either way. The PlayStation has been using those symbols in that order from the very beginning.

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