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Fable Anniversary Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Lets Play Playthrough (Xbox 360)


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Fable Anniversary Walkthrough part 1 (Xbox 360) HD

Fable is an action role-playing open world video game in the Fable series. Developed by Lionhead, the original Fable has been released for the original Xbox, PC, and Xbox 360 in 2014 with the title “Fable Anniversary”.

Fable Anniversary Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Lets Play Playthrough (Xbox 360)


  1. I literally grew up playing this game. I was always good with butterflies floating around me, despite the overwhelming temptation to always be bad.

  2. wait im confused…so they brought out a fable anniversary? but its the same exact thing as the first one? i stopped playing after the original fable cause fable 2 sucked and it couldn't keep my attention.

  3. this is when games were fckn awesome and took a long time to beat. Now games r wow look at these graphics and the 4 hour long gameplay with no kind of storyline

  4. I never played any Fable game but i am a big RPG and MMORPG fan… I used to play WoW 14 hours a day, I played every FF game all the TES games as well as all the Fallout games… Now im looking for a new game to waste my life away in is this game worth buying or should i just start playing The Witcher games i bought off Steam recently??? 

  5. I thought they were supposed to HD it and everything. It actually looks the same as I remember (then again maybe Im remembering it better than it was). 

    I think people claim the first Fable is the best because they dont like the progression of items in the later Fables. I mean to say that.. everyone likes the idea of using a sword and a bow – its different, its "old", its unique, and makes you feel like youre in a different world (which you are in Fable). The later ones where you use pistols and rifles are just… eh. I always went back to the swords in those. 

  6. You need better sound recording shit. this other guy wouldnt stfu, you i just sorta cant hear. I couldnt sit trough the first video, cause he constantly talked to his "friends" in the middle of every cutscene. I might not mind hearing you, thing is i cant.When i turn it up just enough to hear i get a headache, and naturally everything else is much louder.

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