Heavy Rain PS4 Review

Heavy Rain PS4 Review


Heavy Rain PS4 Review


  1. Why are you reviewing this game for ps4 and you just said you only played a few minutes. Christ.

  2. an anyone help me get my all trophy? I have spent more than 4 hours and can't seem to find an answer. apparently I need to get the "new start" epilogue but it didn't get it even though I did the perfect crime… I can't start from the not forgiving madison because she didn't there this time… because of the perfect crime trophy( I let her die at the doc's)…. I have no idea how to start the all endings trophy or what is is required… it's the last one I need. PLEASE HELP. my PSN is SEATTLEBOI18 or just reply on here

  3. Stop calling this a review, you're showing some gameplay and talking to each other about BS like a conversation. You are supposed to give useful information to us for us to make an informed purchase. Dislike.

  4. how demeaning to two of the best games. i prefer beyond two souls way better then heavy rain. and its not a game so dont review it as a game

  5. re-reviewing a game without actually replaying it?
    saying it looks identical meaning they've made it look like a PS4 game?

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