Home Playstation Forum hey,wazza big deel bout the ps3 “sixaxis” controller? i mean , why...

hey,wazza big deel bout the ps3 “sixaxis” controller? i mean , why does every1 stress “sixaxis” so much?


what is sixaxis man?

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  1. The sixaxis is the controller that came with the 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, and Motorstorm 80GB model PS3’s it supports the sixaxis motion control that Sony several games currently support (MGS4, Motorstorm 1 and 2, Killzone 2 for some examples) Personally I prefer the DualShock 3 because it has the same functionality, along with the rumble feedback that was not included in the sixaxis.

    The sixaxis control scheme allows you to move the controller in a steering wheel like motion to control either a car or open a valve.

  2. It’s the old version of the PS3 controller. It’s lighter, and it has no rumble.

    The DualShock 3 is better.

  3. SIXAXIS is motion sensing capabilities in the PS3 contoller. Moving the controller in certain directions gives you control of certain game motions as if you were using the proper buttons.

    Sony had two types of controllers. The first was the plain SIXAXIS with no rumble, was lighter, and used cheaper materials (evident by seeing the LED light through the plastic). This controller has been discontinued.

    The next was the DUALSHOCK 3 controller, which still has the SIXAXIS function, but adds rumble, gives a better weight for the controller, and uses more quality materials.

    Most PS3 games make SIXAXIS use optional. Very few PS3 titles actually require some form of SIXAXIS. Army of Two requires SIXAXIS for some of the missions. Flower is 100% SIXAXIS use I think.

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