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Hi, I wanted to know if anybody has ever had a problem with their xbox nofications?


See thing is, this morning i was playing my game and i didn’t have that many friends online only about 5 then but when i checked the dashboard menu it said 14 friends, it didn’t say who came online while i was playing the game, but my notifications were on ,it shows when i get messages and achievements but not when friends come online, i usually turn them off when i watch Netflix, So when i log off that day the next day i turn my Xbox back on then my notifications. So i was wondering anybody has this problem or had this problem and had it fixed. my mom is calling Xbox support to see if they can do anything but idk i doubt they can. But i wanna know if any xbox gamers out there had this problem.

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  1. Yeah, I am having the same problem as well, mine does not tell my friends when I come online or when they come online, I have contacted them and they did not help me with anything, it will probably get fixed in an update

  2. i also am having this problem. my friend said he had this problem too. it has been a few days and it has not gotten it fixed either. my guess its just a glitch with xbox.

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