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How do you set up a wireless connection to a PS3 using Comcast?


I need to know how to put a wireless connection on a PS3 successfully. Step by step, please.

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  1. Get a wireless router


    Goto settings

    Goto network settings

    Goto network connection, select enable

    Goto Internet connection settings just below internet connection-

    Push yes when it says you may be disconnected

    Select wired or wireless

    For wireless use scan or enter manually

    Follow on screen instructions.

    If for some reason it doesn’t pass the connection test reset the router by unpluggiong it and replugging it in.

    Once that is set up return to main menu and go to network near the right

    Then once in the internet browser press triangle and goto file and enter the internet address you would like visit.

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  2. I have Comcast as well, and in order to connect I had to open the ports on my router using some port codes you can obtain from Sony by calling them. This may help if the connection fails (which it did for me).

  3. The first answer is totally valid. An alternative method to wireless is powerline. I would not recommend it for devices you move to different locations in the house. If it is just sitting in one spot, powerline is a great option. Check this out:

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    There will be security issues if you are in an apartment, but should not be much of a problem in a home. Setting up security is much simpler. All you need to do is access the interface of the device and put the same password into both of them. With wireless, to be totally secure, you need to provide a WPA 2 Personal password, disable SSID broadcasting once all computers are connected, and enable MAC filtering.

    You choose what sounds best for you.

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