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How long will a refurbished PS3 Slim last?


Recently after own a brand new PS3 slim console for roughly 6 months, the blu-ray disc reader decided to randomly break, hindering me from playing any blu-ray games/movies.

I honestly can say I played the crap out of the system, especially when fifa 12 and battlefield 3 came out on release, going 4-5 hours a day. And I felt like the PS3 was giving off a good bit of heat, but I feel like it wasn’t overheating to draw concern.

Am I overworking my PS3? Should I get some sort of fan accessory to cool my PS3?

I am just asking these questions, because I will be getting a PS3 refurbished slim model from playstation HQ soon, and I’d rather not deal with a hardware issue, especially if I somehow caused it to break (even though I’m skeptical to think I directly caused a brand new system to crap out in not even a year, because I’d like to think a system I chipped in easily $300 for would last at least 3 years before having any issues).

Thanks guys.

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  1. It’s a PS3, it’s awesome, it does everything. I’m not even really a gamer, and I BLOODY LOVE IT. The only annoying thing is that it doesn’t ship with an HDMI cable — it ships with the basically obsolete (and hobbling) tri-whatever cable, which is utterly silly. When you order your PS3, order an HDMI Cable 2M (6 Feet) (or hopefully they’ll start shipping with non-obsolete cables!) as well, put your elliptical trainer in front of your TV, and then GO HAVE FUN!

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