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how to get internet on your playstation 3 using a motorola modem is it possible and i dont want to spend money?



  1. A broadband modem usually has only one kind of port for connecting to a PC, game console, or network router. It could be either a USB port or an ethernet (RJ45) one. Here is a picture of an ethernet port: [url is not allowed].

    If the port is USB, then contact your internet service provider and ask them for a modem with an ethernet port instead, because the PS3 can’t connect to that type of networking port. There should be no fee for switching the modem.

    If your modem has an ethernet port, then you can connect a standard ethernet cable directly to it from the PS3’s ethernet port. If you don’t have a long enough cable, shop around before buying, because some local stores may have them priced rather high (shopping online would get you the best deal).

    But it would be better to buy a home network router rather than connecting the PS3 directly to the modem, because a router would allow you to connect more than one device to the internet at a time. You could also get a wireless router, in which case you wouldn’t have to run a long cable for the PS3, because it could connect to the router wirelessly with it’s built-in Wi-Fi adapter (the 20GB launch PS3 is the only model without a wireless adapter).

    You can get a good wireless router for as little as $40: [url is not allowed]. I recommend getting a router with a known brand name, because they are usually the easiest to set up (Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, Buffalo).

  2. You have to have an Internet connection, obviously! Those aren’t free. So I guess the short answer is no.

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