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How to get saves from an old Xbox 360 hard drive to a new one?


I have mass effect 2 on my old xbox so my save is on the old harddrive. How would I transfer it onto the new one when ME3 comes out? I know you can ghetto rig the old harddrive to the new xbox but it involves breaking it open and it voids the warranty. I don’t have my old Xbox anymore just the harddrive. Is there a way to get my saves onto a pc and then a thumbdrive or something?

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  1. There is a transfer cable you can buy for it. You may can hook your old hard drive to a friends 360 that’s hooked up to the internet. If you ever had an xbox live account and played ME2 on it you can just recover your gamertag. If not you’ll have to buy the cable.

  2. walmart sells a transfer kit, you plug your old hdd ot one end, and the other end is usb and you plug that end into your new 360 and start the transfer to your new hdd, and a while later, everything is on your new xbox, it costs about $20 by the way

  3. get a memory card, put your last save on it from the old 360 drive, load it in your new drive

    you can just put your old HD into the new 360 to do the load then save to the memory card, then switch the HDs

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