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How To Remove Your Credit Card Info Off Xbox Live 2015 Update


How To Remove Your Credit Card Info Off Xbox Live 2015 Update

1. Go to “Settings”
2. Go to “Account Management”
3. Go to “Account Security”
4. Go to “Change MIrcosoft Account
5. Click “Yes”
6. Sign into your Xbox Live account
7. Make an email you want your account to run off of, or use one you already have
8. Go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/defau… and make an account with microsoft
9. use the email you want on you Xbox Live account for your microsoft account
10. Go back to Xbox and type your new email account into the first open box, then type in the password for that account in the other box
11. click Yes until you changed you account information

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How to change your email account on you Xbox Live


  1. So if I'm just purchasing something and not using Xbox live this will erase my info and not have a renew fee thing?

  2. Thanks I needed this so I can delete my mums credit card info so she doesn't tell me off for downloading titanfall for £24.99

  3. i really need help i can't delete it and i don't remember my xbox live account password and you guys know when you create a Xbox account it asks you for an email well the thing is that i dont remember the password for the email and i dont know what to do plzz help and it just keeps renewing and im losing money someone plzzz helpppp

  4. thx for the vid i got a ps4 and dont play xbox 360 anyone more and it kept buying xbox live gold every month and i lost money but thx anyway for saving my money

  5. Does this just stop you from purchasing stuff from the store or does it stop the xbox live payment?

  6. please help, I just purchased the gold subscription for a month and I don't want it to renew anymore. by doing this, will my current subscription stop?

  7. Okay I need help. I'm using my uncles old Microsoft account and Xbox profile which has his credit card linked to it. He said he done the play anymore so he said I can have it but it's still on his Microsoft account. How can I make the Xbox profile mine and add my Microsoft account ?

  8. if you have money in your Microsoft account will u still have the money in it when you change it

  9. Thank you so much dude! This is the only good one I can find. You're a lifesaver.

  10. my password is long and it want even let me put my whole password it gives me a limited how much I could put so it's says valid. smh I don't understand do I need to change my password to something shorter or what

  11. I can't swap account its say sorry we can't change your Microsoft account. for more info go to xbox.com /Account swap help I need to change my email

  12. on my new email already exist a new xbox account. anyway I can unlink the two so I can do this??

  13. but i type in my password and it says invalid password when i type in the right password! plzzz help

  14. Someone confirm if this is still working plz? I tried to do it but I'm getting some sort of error msg asking me to visit accountswap page

  15. how did you record your screen? Also can you make a video o how to record xbox 360 screen without mobile or anything.

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