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i have 2 xbox 360’s and 1 of the power supplies doesnt fit into 1 of them?


i bought another xbox due to the first getting rrod and was in repairs. anyway, i used the power supply from my 20 gb core system into the 60 gb pro console, it worked fine.

then i got the core system back today and tried to connect it with the wires that came with my pro console, and for about 15 mintues i thought they sent me a defective console.

to make a long story short, why does my pro console work with both wires, but the core only works with the core?

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  1. Older models with older chipsets such as Zepher and Xenon use a lot more power than the newer ones, 203w. The newer chipset Falcon uses 175w, and the NEWEST chipset Jasper uses the least amount of power, 150w. Microsoft also made it so that Jaspers can only use the newer power cords (ones without the tabs)

  2. the newer xbox 360s chip is what its all about. The newer chips can run on less power or the same amount while the older models need at least 203w

  3. i think the core has a bigger and power supply cord that looks like a brick while the pro has just a regular power cord like most game systems

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