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Idiots Play Trivial Pursuit on PS4 – GameSocietyPimps


Idiots Play Trivial Pursuit on PS4 - GameSocietyPimps

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  1. Oh my fucking god, Moon is made of rocks, Saturn is made of FUCKING LIQUID GAS, HOW CAN IT BE MORE DENSE THAN MOON?

  2. Jesus Christ. I knew Americans weren't regarded as the smartest bunch around, to put it nicely, but this is just shameful. How can you go through life learning so little in the process?

  3. In watching all of these videos, it looks to me that Adam has the most entertaining position. One that doesn't have him making an ass of himself, lets him play peanut gallery 24/7, do (and more importantly eat/drink) whatever he wants during recording, and forever slates him as the most intelligent for the sheer fact that HE DOESN'T HAVE TO COMPETE! That said, I actually do believe he is more intelligent than Aaron and Emre (probably combined). GG Adam – you're the best. 😛

  4. Adam should stop mushying his cereal for ten minutes and come out and play as well.

    And Emre was busy watching The Office during study time. I don't judge him, in fact I envy him a little.

  5. Emre is worse at Trivial Pursuit and common knowledge than he is at Bloodborne. That is sad as shit.

  6. Lol you tards, why would India be estimated to have a higher population than the country with most people in it?

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