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if i buy cod5 map packs can any user on my ps3 use it?


i wanna buy cod5 map pack but i am from kuwait so i made a USA account.

if i buy a map pack can my kuwait account use it>?

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  1. all ps3 users on that system will have access to it even if it is moved to another country it will still work

  2. You can allow up to 5 ps3s to sign in to your account. You can download the map packs onto your machine from the US, then sign in to your Kuwait account and install them. Also, if you download them on the US account, and for some reason they don’t show up on your Kuwait account, you can log into the US account, sign in, go to recent downloads, and do it from there.

    I’ve gotten map packs and games from friends that they bought and installed on their ps3 by signing in and using their account.

    Hope this helps!

  3. if your COD game is from the US then the game should be able to recognize it with no problem and yes if you buy every user you have saved up will be able to play the map packs

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