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Jogão Grid 2 – PS3 PT/BR


Jogão Grid 2 - PS3 PT/BR

Gameplay Trailer - GRID 2


  1. Incredible game, finished and first in all tests, almost all achievements unlocked, perfect balance between game and simulation, the truth should have first person since it would have been more successful but it still was, Codemasters are the best doing games of cars with a little simulation that make it very realistic and entertaining, in case they did not know they were behind Toca Race Driver, a game of PS2 that had crash physics and everything, I remember when I discovered that the game had super realistic physics and I'm shocked, hopefully they keep doing what they know how to do.
    I know that the game is of the year 2013 but still deserves to have a criticism from me. (I really should do game reviews more often, lately I'm doing a lot xD)
    Oh and it is one of those games that you must play so have it on your wish list or buy it now as it is cheap, enjoy it.

  2. I start my career direct with very hard mode. Lot of my friends even my brother can't play it even easy mode. I am proud of myself & I am versatile pro boy' won 35 very hard mode races. I love pro games and knowledge.
    Love it sooooooooooo much.

  3. I was gonna pick this game up today 'cause I just had a blast with GRID 1. Guy at the store informs me there's no cockpit view in this one. Why the fuck did they do that shit? I want it 'cause it's GRID but I don't want it if it doesn't have their bad ass cockpit view GRID 1 delivered. I put it back and gave it the finger. A fuckin' shame.

  4. why no body kit or wings tuning whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you suck codemasters only wheels and colours  ouuuuuuuuuuuuu shit

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