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LIVELOCK | Tips | PS4 | Cheats Codes Tricks Tips Wanted


LIVELOCK | Tips | PS4 | Cheats Codes Tricks Tips Wanted

Livelock - Everything You Need To Know


    If you've got any LIVELOCK questions, cheats, codes, hints, tricks, glitches, playing tips, help or info please post and share it here, thank you 🙂

  2. Dude. The last 30 videos you've put out have been 29 Overwatch vids, and this vid. Where's the other content?

  3. First video of forces I've watched in a while. The click bait titles were getting too much ): I'm sure some people want to know how to stop being angry or that playing a healer is a hard job often unappreciated in lower ranks but it's all so obvious from the title I'm not interested. Miss the days of Force playing OW beta w/ friends.

  4. Nice quick review. Thanks for the primer. I'd like to see a follow-up video once you've played for a few weeks, to get your new impressions. Cheers!

  5. FINALLY! A non OW VID! Can you please bring back paladins? I think that you would be very intersted in the new patches and how much the game has refined itself 😀

  6. Remember when Force posted Diablo 3? I do… BUT I LOVE THE OVERWATCH CONTENT TOO<3! I like force videos in general 🙂

  7. The second you said: "Perfect World Entertainment", I lost interest. I used to play Jade Dynasty which is also a game by them, on a pretty high level (strongest alliance on the server, best PvP players, nobody could take the fort from us). Until they added easier ways into the game to get higher grade weapons/armor etc (if you paid).. People who had a lot of money to spend would easily gain the upper hand, some people spend more than 10k to get the best gear in the game.

  8. I played this at pax east. It's fun as a party game but I can't really play this longer than 10 minutes without wanting to do something else or getting bored. The skills are interesting and really feels like diablo. But there's no real pull for the game.

  9. i was like, wtf he actually did a different game other than Overwatch like the old days, then i hear 'special thanks to Perfect World Entertainment for sponsoring the video' ..

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