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Look at That! Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Gameplay (PS3)


Look at That! Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Gameplay (PS3)


  1. Thanks a lot for your comment. Now I feel less alone. Used to be a kid in the good old PS1 days.

  2. lol it seems like they borrowed some ideas from Alice Madness Returns`s Hatters Domain level xD

  3. And to think that one day these children will grow up, and talk about the good old Modern Warfare days…
    I guess that's just how things work.

  4. Fantastic trilogy, right there. I like to think they never made any more games after the third one.

  5. Yeah, we're becoming a rare breed. I've lost count of how many of my childhood friends had lost interest in videogames altogether by the end of the PS2 generation. Those guys couldn't bear it, y'know. Things had changed way too much and the novelty just wasn't there anymore. I noticed that, too. I'm not afraid of change, but in this case, I'm just not a fan of it. I still play games and so do my closest friends, but things just aren't quite the same anymore. Probably never will be, I'm afraid.

  6. I have been a gamer since the 8bit and 16bit era. I played the genesis and nintendo. Those are my favorite consoles and still are to this day. I even own a dreamcast that still works great that I still play.

  7. i know right! they aren't gamers at all! gamers are enjoying games and having fun with friends or just free roaming! not now! people just want violence and sexaul content!

  8. Yeah things have changed so much. But as much as I enjoy the new releases, I'll always remember the great classics of the PS1 that I grew up with, as well as appreciating the more recent games that did something special; such as Journey, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico.

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