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Madden NFL 16 Review (Xbox One)


Madden NFL 16 Review (Xbox One)

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  1. again someone who knows nothing about football reviews yet another madden game…. this game is trash , i dont understand why people believe this is such a good game. espn football 2k5 is better than madden 16 and that game was made 10 years ago…. MADDEN STEP YOUR SHIT UP OR LET 2k MAKE FOOTBALL GAMES AGAIN!

  2. Really enjoyed the content, keep up the good work! Will absolutely sub for more of the same.

  3. Same shit new roster u stupid to pay 60 for a roster update lol NFL 2k5 was just as good as this shit

  4. did he open saying " nothing but gaming, not the wimpy, mamby, pamby, drama stuff and beef videos?"

  5. You are possibly the worst gamer reviewer ever, you act immature and childesh. A real gamer doesn't just defend there console and says "PS4 SUKS ASS" or "NINTEDO SUX XBOX IZ BETTER" which exactly you do. Hypocrite.

  6. And if I do recall crap you are the one that was boasting about it being 60 frames per second now aren't you!

  7. So when are you going to make a video about gears of war running at 30 frames per second and actually dipping below that? I mean the game was custom-built for the Xbox one so why can't it run the game at a consistent 30 frames?

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