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Minecraft 1.11 | How To… Find A Woodland Mansion Dungeon! (Quick Tutorial)


● Minecraft 1.11 Tutorial – Today, I’m showing you how to find one of the brand new Minecraft 1.11 Woodland Mansion Dungeons!
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Minecraft 1.11 | How To... Find A Woodland Mansion Dungeon! (Quick Tutorial)


  1. Hey man thnx for this video but I have a question, I have the exploration map on the XBOX 360 and I got to the little house on the map but it wasn't there I need help

  2. Thanks cause I just spawned in creative and the mansion was already at spawn so I guess I was really lucky loll

  3. I found it on the 1.53 version close to my spawn point on PlayStation 3 with no mods.

  4. plz help i got the map and everything but when i get there theres nothing there its just an open field im right on the spot and nothings there

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