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MLB 2K12 – Video Review


MLB 2K12 - Video Review


  1. honestly i wouldn't care if it was a roster update every year as long as they had the good commentary and a damn baseball game on xbox one i'd still buy it every year. 2k sports should know that even if they dont upgrade anything they'd still make hella money as many xbox one fans would love a baseball game

  2. how do u warm up ur pitchers like it says in review like in between innings ur warmin up

  3. Hi, i love this game. can you pls tell me if there is auto baserunning and auto fielding? like completely them, or do i have to do some work? thanks

  4. What I HATED about this game is the different motions you need to make with your joystick in order to pitch. That idiotic idea made pitching needlessly difficult and complicated.

  5. Yes. I loved this game a lot. I don't know why people keep hating on this game. I recommend it.

  6. People, stop talking about reviewing MLB 2k13. It hadn't come out the day that this video was published.

  7. I like this game……compared to 2k11…they really added more detail and extra animations…the faces look more like the actual players compared to last year….but I'm not getting 2k13 since its the same as this….I'm 360 and 2k for life….

  8. I think it'd actually be comically lucrative to use "knockoff" names in a PC MMA game. UMMAC 2014, or UFL'14 (League)… Featuring: Andersen Sylva vs Chale Sunnen, or Brock Lesner vs Frank Meer.. I'd play (and laugh at) that game, no problem. Lol.

  9. Why, of ALL sports, is baseball still getting the most PC attention? Baseball sucks. It's called America's favorite "past time" for good reason. Why the hell aren't there any good Football or MMA games for the current PC? That's what the majority of sports fans are into these days (with Basketball as the exception, because NBA Live 2k13 is pretty nice). I understand, regarding UFC, that Dana White is a greedy f#ckstick.. but you don't need actual names to make a good game. Someone get to it!

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