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Monster Jam Crush it Xbox One Gameplay


Monster Jam Crush it Xbox One Gameplay


  1. I have to disagree with most of these comments. Yeah it could have been better considering this is Xbox one, but the trucks look a lot. better than they have as far as graphics are concerned.

  2. Game developer: what u want?

    Gamer: gimme that nostalgic Nintendo64 feeling

    Game developer: say no more fam!

  3. The whole time, I was thinking…this is not amazing, awesome or marvelous. It's like a glorified PS2 game.

  4. you know, I clicked on this video hoping to see a real monster truck game. not some licensed gimmick not even worthy for the arcade. maybe a first person view better weighted physics, actual commentary. you know if they put half effort into this game that they do Indus sports games, I think a larger group of gamers would be attracted to this title and actually learn about the challenges please monster truck drivers go through.

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