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My NBA 2K14 XBOX 360 Copy keeps freezing?


This is very weird as it has been working with every other game. First, I tried a couple of youtube videos, and tried xbox support. It used to say that the disc is unreadable, but now it just freezes at the loading screen. Every once in a while, it gets to the home screen, but if I press any game mode, such as MyTeam, it just freezes again. It is very frustrating as I was in the 4th seed in MyTeam, I was hoping to get to the 1st Seed. I obviously could buy a new copy of the game as my MyTeam is saved onto my profile, however, I do not want to have to spend that money. How do I fix this problem?

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  1. Have you tried installing the game? If the game won’t install and your disc is clean with no scratches, something is wrong with the laser lens in your disc drive. Even if other games work.

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