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my ps3 keeps on lagging offline, and now i can even play “the last of us” please help!?


I bought my ps3 2 years ago, now im having problems with it with my games, its keeps on lagging offline! the firmware is up to date! i just bought my new game “the last of us” and this game just doesnt work fine, i was stuck in the prologue, i tried to reinstall my game and also the full format of my ps3 but still its stuck on the same scene. please help me out. here is the link of the video that i made during my gameplay.

[url is not allowed]

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  1. You either need a new console or ou need to clean it sometimes works for me.

    Or for all you known the network is being worked on there for lagging.

  2. The circuits could have aged badly, causing it to perform slower. More likely though, it’s just dusty and/or full of pet hair on the inside. Someone who knows what they’re doing should open it up and spray it with compressed air.

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