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NCAA Basketball 10 Review


NCAA Basketball 10 Review


  1. If you aren't doing well or just fell like not playing the ncaa tournament can you do the NIT?

  2. Ik everyone loves this game but I have and I hate it. I honestly like ncaa college hoops 2k8 and it's easier to get the updated rosters

  3. Who would've thought that a game that garnered a 7.8 'good' rating would become one of the most expensive cult sports classics of all time!

  4. 2K should make like a College 2k16, with stuff like MyCareer, with cutscenes and everything, and also you should be able to transfer your college MyCareer to NBA 2k16. That way 2k would be better than EA forever.

  5. If EA sports kept going with this game, it would literally be an amazing game. The glitches would be mostly out of the game. Then they might have added road to glory!!! Can you imagine how fun this game would be if it was a series!!!!! Maybe a NCAA basketball 15 might come out? Who knows………….

  6. i love this game ya there some glitchs that live with but its a ovrall a good game i still play it its very fun / but college football need go to 2k since ea don't got it anymore  i got more issues and glitchs with ea  14  college football then i do with this game / its not perfect game by anymeans but its darn good one

  7. i forgot because ea has a billion dollars and can make shitty games to make better profit because there is no competition. i cannot complain because i cant make a shitty game. so i can never critique anything. i cant make music. i cant make a movie. sorry sir

  8. are you retarded…how many games have you made..or what do you do for a living? Probably beat off all day bc your to fucking stupid to accomplish anything else in your pathetic life. Get over it!

  9. r u high? underrated because of live. live is the worst trash ever made. ea sports makes only one good sports game. mvp baseball and they arent allowed to make that anymore

  10. Put this game side by side with a real game and its exact. The stadiums are exactly the same as the real one. The fans are the most authentic ever seen. The way it plays was underrated because it was too hard for people with no basketball knowledge to play. If you have no basketball knowledge..play 2k8. Real ballers will want to play ncaa bb10 bc you actually had to play. Nothing easy..all earned buckets.

  11. This was the best college game ever made and was highly underrated due to the nba lice series. The presentation still looks exactly the same as it does now. If they didnt put a year on it i feel they couldve made money off updating this game for at least 4 years. Looks..plays..authentic to the real college game. Def a collectors in my eye.

  12. This game is still a great game, may not have legacy mode like College Hoops 2K8 but overall it plays great with Authentic's sliders from Operation Sports and 2012-2013 rosters its good to have a 2nd option to NBA 2K13!!!

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