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Need Friends on ps3?//?


Hey im 34 and looking for some people around my age to game with on the ps3. add simtech2010 if you want to connect!
im not playing a game right now just wanting new friends to hang out with in the community.

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  1. Awww. I say the same when I,m on the DS,lol no one to host for a game:S playing solo;P

    Most people do go to play online but on the xbox. I have friends which only go online via xbox for a game and they don’t even do ds:s only one girl that is my friend and that is it. Good luck in your search!

    What game are you playing anyway? I love puzzle games and strategy. tc.

  2. oh im not in the 34 ranges, but if you change your mind, my psn is Buletfovalentine. im almost always avaliable to chat.

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