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PS3 beginner question?



I got a PS3 yesterday and I have a quick question.

I mainly want to use it for playing movies and I was wondering if I can connect it to my pc via wireless so I can stream movies from my pc’s hard disk or copy them on to the ps3?


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  1. Yes you can. Ive tried a few different media servers already, including Windows Media Player, though the problem I had with windows media player is that you cannot use it with MP4 video files. The best media server in my opinion is TVersity. It determines whether or not the PS3 (or any other device) is capable of playing a file and if it cant (as in the case of avi’s) it will convert and stream them automatically, so you dont have to spend a lot of time converting files. Its easy to set up and install and you can access your whole library of music, videos, and pictures in a snap. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I must say its great. (Oh, yeah and its free!)

  2. you can connect to your pc wirelessly using windows media player 11 as a server, you can copy files but your ps3 only plays mpeg/avc movies, so avi and other such files are not recognised, hopefully sony will update the firmware to support avi, otherwise it would be a bummer.

    i use the media server and find it works well, you can stream your entire music collection across (copy it if you want) some say this is pointless but it sounds ace if you have good setup.

    you can get convertors to convert avi etc to mpeg, xilisoft does one, try finding that on a torrent engine.

    failing that, get a tv out for your pc and just hook it up.

    oh and buy oblivion. great game.

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