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PS3 Fans, I have a question for you?


How does it feel, to know that even when XBOX 360’s are having problems these past couple of months. Yet still theres all these people that could give a rip about your $600 trash hole, and continue to buy and play the XBOX 360? Even the people who had to get their XBOX repaired. Still they could see that the XBOX 360 is the best console out there.

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  1. I agree xbox360 is totally the best probally the best system on the market. It also has the best online play.

  2. PS3, more/better games, better graphics and physics, better stability, and when you add up all the money for repairs and add-ons for the 360, PS3 is cheaper. So I don’t really care if Xbox 360 fans don’t get PS3s, people stupid enough to think that 360 is the better console don’t deserve to play PS3.

    Have fun with your useless HD-DVD drive and your red ring of death.

  3. I am glad to say that I own a PS3 and never intend to purchase that “red ring of death” Xbox console. I guess you get what you pay for when you purchase a cheaper game console like the 360 or Wii. The 360 can’t stay alive for more than a year without breaking down, and the Wii has terrible graphics. Everyone knows that the PS3 is better. Sony is getting more exclusive game titles than the 360, and the PS3 is getting far better games. The only games I hear Xbox 360 owners talking about is Halo 3, and Bioshock. Wow. More first person shooting games. What an achievement. I can’t wait until all this Halo crap is over with.

    The PS3 is the “real” game system out of the new console generation. The Xbox 360 is still using DVD’s to play games that were also used to make Xbox games. While Xbox users are still stuck in the past with DVD, PS3 users like me are seeing and playing games that are immense in size, detail, and graphical quality and will soon make Xbox games look like nothing thanks to Blu-Ray technology.

  4. Most of the people have tooo much invested in their addons such as wfi $50, headsets xbox live cards $50, hddvd $200, and in games to not let microsoft keep giving them additional ones. By the way if you add up those numbers you have spent over $700 to have your game system in for repairs months at a time.

    So I am very happy with my PS3 and we do own all the systems including the WII, and Elite and the graphics when comparing games like rainbow six vegas and virtua tennis that are made for both systems the PS3 beats 360 hands down for physics and graphics.

    Online Xbox live has a bunch of prepuberty foul mouthed wanna bees and PS3 online (free) has gamers who just enjoy the challenge and have fun.

    So People don’t buy into the hype about which is best based on sales just get the system that has the games you enjoy.

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