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ps3! games which ones?


i have around 90 dollars

i am def getting black ops

which other games should i get thanks

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  1. Infamous is great, listen’ don’t be a sap and buy black ops full price. You can get it online at ebay or craigslist, brand new for 45 bucks, no taxes. Then use the other 45 to buy you a brand new game, sealed.

    Two brand new games sealed.

  2. Get infamous. It should be about $30 and is a great game. If you don’t like sandbox type games then get Uncharted 1 or 2. Those may be the best games on the system.

  3. You can only buy one $30 game if you get Black Ops, so some game with that price are:

    NBA 2K10/NBA Live 10

    Battlefield Bad Company

    Midnight Club: Los Angeles

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Red Dead Redemption

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