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PS3 Online?


I have a PS3, and was wondering how I can play online?

The PS3 came with the ethernet cable and I have a modem with an internet connection. I’m just not sure how to set it up and if I need to make an account online or something. Please help me out here.

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  1. 1). In most of the cases you’ll need a router, wired with VPN support will cost you around 35$.

    2). Go to Network Settings and follow the instructions.

    3). Register yourself on PSN (Playstation Network) network.

    4). Enjoy!


    P.S. PSN is free.

  2. I’m unclear on exactly how to set it all up, but you need a router, either wireless, or wired (run an ethernet cable from it to your PS3). Then follow the steps given in the PS3 menu.

  3. You have to have a broadband internet connection (DSL, cable modem, etc.). Then just plug the ethernet cord from the PS3 to your modem. Go to the far right (or second from the far right) when you boot up the system and you can create an account like that. It takes five minutes and is free.

    BTW, not everything costs money to download. Demos and videos are free for the most part. The things that cost extra are downloadable games and add-ons. It’s very clear what costs money though, so don’t worry about accidentally buying something.

  4. Using the ps3 online is FREE but

    downloading things from the ps3 network will cost you.

    so if you want to download stuff, it will cost you but

    if you want to play against someone online, don’t worry, you don’t have to play becuase playing against other people is free just downloading stuff will cost you.

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