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My grandmother bought me a ps3 in canada but i live in the philippines. Our voltage here is 220v. Many people said that the ps3 has a universal power supply but the label said that “120V~3A G0hz. Can i plug it into a 220v plug?
I use a Transformer but it heats after i use it the ps3 1hour like it’s gonna burn.
Update 2:
My transformer is hot because it only had a max power of 280watts.
Update 3:
my ps3 is 80gb.
Update 4:
When you answer, please make sure that u tested it because some answerers said that it will fry my ps3.

Update 5:
When you buy a Canada ps3, does it make it a Us version?

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  1. Yep, its fine. Just make sure you connect it into the BACK. not the little front one for a 120V

  2. Some PS3s had universal supply, but it wasn’t listed in the manual. The only way to see if your PS3 has a universal supply is to open it and see what’s written on power supply unit (big fat box). This will void the warranty. To be on the safe side – get a good, heavyweight power converter. My PS3 is from US too and I live in Europe. I’m using very heavy 500W power converter (~50$ in Moscow).

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