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PS4 in Best Buy


PS4 in Best Buy

PlayStation VR Demo at  Best Buy


  1. I'm so glad the PlayStation VR exists. Not only is it more affordable than the Vive, but my laptop wouldn't even handle the Vive anyway. I'm so thankful PlayStation VR was made.

  2. How does the PSVR stand against the Vive? I recently tried the Vive and was blown away by the space shooter game. I just can't see myself purchasing a high-end PC just for VR games as well as another $800 for the Vive itself…which is why I'm leaning towards the PSVR. Do you think that I'll be disappointed?

  3. of course she picks the weakest demo for him to play…smh people should play london heist by default.

  4. Erik at the best buy store where I live I try ed out the under water one I was the first one also o man that demo was awesome I felt the shark was going to eat me very imersive I'm glad I got mine pre ordered

  5. Was there a line? I am going to my local best bug and am wondering if i would need to be there berfore it starts.

  6. noticed at the end there was some pretty small text. Without sugar coating it, is sony's an obvious downgrade overall to vive? i doubt vive could read that small text

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