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PS4 Launch – Need For Speed: Rivals gameplay pt1


We’ve got the need for speed! We check out the only racing game available during the PS4 launch, Need For Speed: Rivals.

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PS4 Launch - Need For Speed: Rivals gameplay pt1

Need For Speed Rivals Walkthrough Part 1 Let's Play Gameplay Playthrough (PS4 1080p)


  1. This was a fun game I just gotten my first gaming conslso and the game bought was need for speed rival it was fun awesome game review play

  2. Can someone please tell me, how do you / can you change the steering controls in this game from L3 to directional buttons on PS4?
    Thank you

  3. Looks alittle bit laggy at times, yeah?
    Is the game optimized well enough or is it just because of the motion blur that I wrongly see it as stutter'ish? 🙂

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