Home Videos PS4 vs. Xbox One Exclusive Games 2016 (Real List)

PS4 vs. Xbox One Exclusive Games 2016 (Real List)


PS4 vs. Xbox One Exclusive Games 2016 (Real List)


  1. All these comments are just a bunch of loud mouth PS4 lovers who rub uncharted in everyone's face

  2. Am I the only one who still thinks xbox one IS better and not a waste of my money? Screw PlayStation! They keep making more of those only playstation games so you spend money to buy their console! At least xbox doesn't pressure people to buy their product. I only see PlayStation commercials advertising new games and even a VCR! Im not going to waste money on a stupid vcr for a console when I can buy a cardboard one for $15 on my phone. Smh PlayStation.

  3. exclusive game ruin gaming, and whats hilarious is people cheer and love exclusivity, it's like a homeless man voting for trump, anti-productive.

  4. Xbox be like: We have Halo and Gears of War!PlayStation: And? Xbox: That's pretty much it and most of our so called exclusives are up for download on PCPlayStation: We have a plethora of more exclusives, free online and cost $100 lessXbox: I was just invented to rack up money

  5. at least we don't have no man's lie bruh, we the best our community is amazing, all you guys have are some little kid trash talkers, and boy when sea of theives comes out…let's just say that game is amazing

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