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Putty Squad – PS4 Gameplay Preview – Eurogamer


Putty Squad - PS4 Gameplay Preview - Eurogamer


  1. so i fucking hate this game if you had anything to do with this game i have one thing to say to you…….FUCK YOU CON ARTIST FUCKS let me explain when i reccieved gem on christmas wen i popped it in and was imidiately disgusted you play thru the game as a blu blob AKA(Mario's Sperm) i imediately set the geme ablaze yup burned that shit from console to charcole in about five secs any hoo the worst part is that this piece is just a reboot of an snes game and i actually liked the snes version better the fact that this game is bieng sold at retail value is sleezy cheap and fucking insulting!

  2. This is the worse game to ever come out on ps4 I don't know what fucking drug addict came up with this game but it is not for this generation of games, im sorry all you SNES fanboys with your silly nostalgic memories of this game but this game is not worth even "looking" at all I can recommend to people that have a single curiosity of this game is STEER CLEAR!

  3. I had that demo and I want the full game for sure. It's truly awesome that the PSN is so accessible for all devs and all games.  

  4. It is out on the US. Best Buy has it now for $10 and only $8 if you're a Gamers Club Unlocked member.

  5. Wait, Amiga? I am playing that baby on my SNES right now. Pretty fun to be honest and it works just fine. Seeing how the PS4 doesn't look new, i'll stick with my version. But the PS4 Graphic Style is quite nice in my opinion.

  6. i just can't believe out of all the old school games and stars that existed super putty survived lol that's just fucken nuts you know how many people i mention super putty to and they have NO fucken idea what i'm talking about i'm just surprised out of all the more iconic old school characters the one that a lot of people don't know made it to the ps4 when i saw this i was like really wtf? lmao ps. i still own super putty as well as putty squad for my SNES lol XD

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