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Soul Saga Combat Demo


Soul Saga Combat Demo


  1. LOOKS GREAT CANT WAIT TO BUY "but seriously take your time!!! I want to see what your capable of" 🙂

  2. More classic jrpgs need to come back to the console. Just make sure you have a sound story rewarding side quests that are not just fetch quests that gives you a potion. As long as you stick to basics of the jrpg battle system you can't go wrong

  3. I was worried that no rpg's will be on the ps4 for a while, I am looking forward to playing this game, it looks very good ! 

  4. Yeah I'm probably gonna pick this up. Finally a Turn based RPG! And it's not even Japanese lol

  5. Fuck yea for turned based combat! I don't know why so many people don't like it, but I LOVE IT! I also love JRPGs so I'm definitely getting this!

  6. thank you very much for this video, I'm looking forward to this game especially that it is a JRPG game…can't wait to see your touch on it

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