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Split Second Velocity – Gameplay HD


Split Second Velocity - Gameplay HD

Split/Second Velocity - Demo Gameplay - PS3 [HD]


  1. Oh yes! I love it when people make gameplay videos and the game runs with 10fps on their rigs!

  2. i played it on onlive if you get all these nembers then you will get a car and the car your driveing its slow but you won

  3. @benniebijtmuis ik zei ook dat ik het wel kan begrijpen dat bejaarde mensen duitsers haten

  4. you are german 🙂
    I don't know what it is with most dutch people. Why do they hate germans so much? what have they ever done to us? I can get why our grandmas and grandpas don't like germans and all but…
    Oh I just got side tracked

  5. ola amigo estou com um poblema nesse jogo,o controle funciona perfeitamente na escolha de menus pistas carros etc mas na hora q a corrida vai comecar o r2 o botao de acerelar nao funciona ,a corrida comeca o carro nao anda sera q vc pode me ajudar o q faco?versao ps3

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