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The History Of Xbox


The History Of Xbox


  1. I'm a playstation person but I had memories when I had my Xbox playing halo 2 and wwe raw 2

  2. I predicted the Future:
    2017: Xbox 2 comes out
    2019: Super Mario Xbox is released as the 1st mario game for the xbox game franchise
    2022: Remington pays a visit and teaches xbox how to make weapons
    2025: Xbox makes its 1st weapon
    2031: Xbox is hacked and loses 1 million dollars
    2034: Remington pays a visit again and Sponsors Xbox to make a weapon Simulation game
    2041: Xbox Makes the Xbox YS and is xbox's awnser to handheld consoles
    2100: Xbox YS Hologram is made
    2112: Friendly Aliens visit earth and teach Xbox how to travel at the speed of light
    2119: Xbox makes its first rocket Ship
    2120-2134: Xbox Has Relations with UK
    2281: Xbox Finds a Planet 9 light years away and decides to make a new earth there
    2283: Xbox Sends the world over to the new planet
    3000: Old Earth Becomes Uninhabited and the new planet becomes the new earth
    3002: Unfriendly aliens destroy old earth
    4292: Marco Wynn Buys Xbox and decides to build an headquarters in new Ireland
    5215:New earth dies and Humans call all of space "Home" now
    6193: Xbox is hacked again and loses more money than in 2031

  3. I buy Xbox 2002 when that come to finland. 2005 i buy Xbox 360 and i still playing with that. I gonna buy Xbox One X but not sure when because still happy with Xbox 360.

  4. i loved
    the xbox. i loved the duke i remeber seeing the xbox in my uncles room and he had halo , max payne getting up

  5. I miss the Xbox Live HALO 2 online multiplayer days. All my buddies in one room, Mountain Dew, snacks, and our own TV's. We played for days and created a lot of good memories. Thanks Xbox.

  6. sad part about this video is how gaming media dont make videos like this no more isted they run on rumors rather the facts

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