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The Voice Launch Trailer | PS3


The Voice Launch Trailer | PS3


  1. Кто это убожество придумало перенести на консоли, так еще и для англоизычного рынка?!

  2. Hey everyone! Don't get angry at Sony, I'm an Xbox user and proud cause that console is better (but don't wanna start fight)! One of the reasons I hate PS is that they take every game like it's theirs instead of showing the real trailer as this game is on xbox 360 too and it's way more fun when you play it with kinnect or even headsets! This might be a game for people who think they can sing and go there and other people laugh at their sitty voice or for those people who are shy and that have a good voice too

  3. I hope it won't be like singstar, where you don't choose if you want to have it or not, it's just there all the time

  4. Szmaty zapomnieliście to jest "This is the voice , of poland" wy pizdy. Chcecie się wybić na popularności polskich programów. Pizdy sami nie umieją wymyśleć.

  5. the people that bought stuff like this when the wii came out have iphone apps now, nobody wants this, except some poor ignorant grandparents looking to buy a game for their grandkids

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