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There’s this kid on ps3?


Who’s my friend from school he acts lIke every other person but he added me on ps3 and he has a girl account and pretends to Be one online as well as have a girl voice. He met my friend Anthony and he talks to him too much they hang out together on call of duty all the time and my friend fools everyone. No one thinks he’s a guy because he’s so good at the voice but do any of you think he is gay or something?

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  1. Gay? No. Having fun by screwing around with people? Yes. And even if he was/is gay, it’s not a big deal. And if it IS a big deal to you, then you wouldn’t be a very good person or friend. Not to mention you would be homophobic.

    If you’re really worried, just ask him why he really does that. Man up and ask him directly yourself.

    Hope that helps.

  2. I think your friend has FAR too much free time on his hands. He my also need physiological help we he hits his teen years. Gay? I doubt it.

  3. He is probably trolling people. Look up YoutubableHD, he goes on XBox Live with a girl account and tricks people into thinking he is a girl, and then freaks them out with his real voice so they realize they were hitting on a guy.

  4. he might be but who cares , it does not make him a lesser person if he is gay

    anyway , he might jsut be using his sisters ps3 account or his mom might have created the account and used a girly sounding name , or he might just be screwing with you all , and if the psn ID was created by a sister or mom and he wants to not sound strange using a male voice on it he might be using the voice changer for online chat.

    just let him do his thing and you do your thing , don’t be homophobic especially on psn because you will be banned for that type of behavior

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