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Top 10 Best Xbox One Games of 2017 So Far


Top 10 Best Xbox One Games of 2017 So Far


  1. I'm not trying to start trouble or anything but has Xbox One released anything in 2017 besides the flop Halo Wars 2?? like seriously where are the games that are not on PS4 already?? all their games coming up are not system sellers at all

  2. Also they did this for games that are highest for the console. exclusives don't have to be here.

  3. All u people saying that the xbox is shit are so annoying. Video games are video games stfu. If u dont have anything nice to fucking say dont say it little boys and girls! Please!

  4. It used to be XB1 vs. PS4, but now it's PC vs. PS4. This was a good video that helped remind me why I don't need an XB1 at all. The games are flawed and not exclusive, making the XB1 irrelevant.

  5. Starting to feel like my Xbox is for kids no good games I find myself playing my PS4 more than I play my Xbox no good stand alone games

  6. You nerds are insane. Who cares if the Playstation has better games? Personally, I own both Xbone and PS4 and play them both as much as the other. Xbox is where I go for my multi-plats and exclusives (yes, there are actually quite a bit with 22 more on the way announced at e3) and PS4 is for the exclusives.

    I just don't understand why saying a plastic console has no exclusives gets you guys off but whatever.

  7. Seriously? The first thing i see when i scroll down is hate on the Xbox One. I'm no Xbox fanboy (i never even had one) but that's just stupid.

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