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Trivial Pursuit Live!: Giant Bomb Quick Look


Trivial Pursuit Live!: Giant Bomb Quick Look


  1. do you have to pass the controller? or can you just have 4 controllers? idk i'm confused correct me if i'm wrong…..

  2. 37:50 that sound is straight up from the first star fox. my brain just automatically follows it up with that low-quality voice clip saying "GROOD LYE"

  3. I never got the hate for Uplay points. At least they mean something, I rather have something I can use over a pointless trophy or achievement.

  4. "it's pushing a lot of pixels here"
    utter silence as everyone feels shame and embarrassment

  5. strangely fascinating to get the little bit of inside baseball at the end re: third-party QA teams

  6. Both of the Brads should have known this was the year of the ram BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE NEW BLOOM IS

  7. Love u guys, in a non wierd way. By the way 1 vote here for red dead for game of the generation. Jeff u crazy for not finishing it.

  8. I'm convinced Brad has autism, between all that much worthless trivia knowledge, getting addicted to repetitive, grindy video games, and being bad at recognizing basic instructions that games tell you to do

  9. Did you guys do a video of the unfinished version of this game?  And you were in the audience?  I have a vague memory of something like that.

  10. Only Dan could come up with something like UPlay retirement. Kind of makes me wonder what that entails.

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