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Um am i good in cod4?


uhh im level 17, i started 3 days ago, (COD4 PS3) i use m4 carbine and my k/d is about 3-7 kills for ever death. I think im good because eveyone i play sucks(mostly).its reallly easy just scope aim and in 1-2 seconds, their dead.but am i, say “PRO”?

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  1. yeah your good your beast most people k/d ratio is like.9-1.5 play search and destroy see how you do and add me i am MrPursuit

  2. it depends who you play and what you play. basically anyone can go 20-0 in team deathmatch or domination. play search and destory and see how many points you can get. if you can consistantly get high points then i would consider you good

  3. The way I see it your pretty good. If you want to see how you compare with other people and your friends, go to barracks and check out the kill/death leaderboards

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