Home Xbox Forum What are some realistic video games for xbox 360?

What are some realistic video games for xbox 360?


more realistic than battlefield bad company 2

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  1. for military?

    Medal of Honor. its not completely realistic of course. but its somewhat realistic

    here are some others that are realistic that aren’t military

    L.A. Noire-its not out yet. but looks VERY realistic. its a Crime game. u play as an LAPD detective and u have to solve crimes. u go to crime scenes (robbery’s, murders, arson, etc), and u have to look for evidence and clues around the crime scene. talk to witnesses, etc. then u use ur evidence and go track down leads. u can take people in for interrogation. then u have to try to break them. when they say something, u have to choose whether to believe them, say they are lying, press for more information, etc. looks AWESOME

    UFC 2010

    Skate 3

    Mafia 2

    those are pretty realistic.

  2. Video games are not made to be realistic, they are made to be fun. If they were realistic they would be pretty boring. But I guess some close ones would be Homefront, The Modern Warfare Series, and if your into car games, Gran Turismo 5 came out, but I dont know if it was for Xbox

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