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What cables for a xbox 360 do i use if i want to use HD?


I want to get an HD tv and i was wondering if the cables that come with the 360, the blue, green, red cords or should i buy one of those hdmi cables

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  1. You could use either ones. If you xbox 360 has the hdmi port I would use those. It’s the simplest connection possible and offers the highest quality of video. If you don’t have the hdmi port, the red, blue, and green composite is perfect for you!


  2. Before you buy an HDMI cable, makes sure your Xbox360 has an HDMI port. For best picture use HDMI, if ur 360 doesnt have HDMI use the component cables(red,blue,green)

  3. The cables that came with the 360 are fine for HD. For the best possible picture, get an HDMI cable. amazon.com has them for $5.

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