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What is wrong with my PS3?


The TV is getting the video signal but picture or sound isn’t coming out the screen is just black. It was working fine earlier today. Im wondering if its broken. I haven’t had it too long

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  1. i had my PS3 for about 2 years. i got the 60 GB. One day it was working fine, normal you know. the next day i turned it on and no sound or picture came up on the screen. i checked and bought new wires thinking that it was the problem, but turns out that the PS3 itself is damaged from the inside.

    to fix it– well i never did, i just told Sony, and bought a new PS3. it sucked so much to do that, but it was the only way i could of every played again. 🙁

    sorry, if i’m no help, but i’m speaking from experience 🙂

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