Home Playstation Forum where can i buy a 60gb playstation 3 in the uk that...

where can i buy a 60gb playstation 3 in the uk that is priced between £250-£500?


preferably not online

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  1. provided they havn’t sold it-gamestation in nottinghams market square is selling one with resistance for £349. also chips in arnold nottingham has a secondhand one for £249.

  2. soz but u hav 2 buy online – the 60GB version is discontinued.i recommend amazon


    p.s.don’t get a 40GB version as it obviously has less memory etc. and it doesn’t play ps2 games

  3. the only place i have seen them is amazon. if you dont want to go online then you will have to settle for the 40Gb

  4. I’d give up on the 60 gig. Cut your losses and take the 40 gig. If you want more memory buy a bigger hard-drive, they aren’t that expensive. If you wanted a 60 gig you should’ve bought one way before christmas

    I got my 60 gig on the 23rd March 🙂

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