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Which is a better console, Xbox 360 or PS3 and also, when will Xbox 720 be launched?



  1. It depends on what you want to use the console for and what you want to play.

    And never, seeing as Microsoft has repeatedly stated that their next console will not be called the Xbox 720.

  2. The xbox 720 could be a rumor, but if one does come out it will not be for a while (longer than the life of any xbox) and xbox is way better by far, but ps3 has free online. So you can sacrifice and save a little money, or go with the better console.your choice.

  3. I dont know when xbox 720 will be launched but i d o know that xbox is more fun. i have both and i enjoy xbox more. they are in the same room so it is not the size of the tv. i think the games are more fun on the xbox. COD is better on xbox and if you want you can get kinect which is a lot better then the ps3 motion or what ever it is called.

  4. when both systems were released,each company said they would like them to last at least 10 years,so if that’s true the next new systems would come out in 2015-2016 and i have both xbox and ps3 but i didnt like the xbox so i gave it to my brother so ps3 🙂 xx

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