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Which Xbox 360 is worth buying?


I’m gonna buy an Xbox but which one is better out of 250GB Racing Bundle or just the Elite 250GB Matte. The racing bundle ones comes with Forza 4 and Wireless Speed Wheel and the controller, and the Elite looks like it just comes with the controller. Does the Elite have something better?

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  1. You should go for the Racing Bundle as it has a lot to offer. You’re right the Elite only comes with a controller and a headset and nothing more.

    Here’s a link which will provide you with a review from an owner of the Xbox 360 racing Bundle:

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    Here’s a link which will provide you with more info:

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    Hope This Helps!

  2. Xbox 360 Console is really good deal. With this bundle you get about $120 worth of free merchandise. I am super happy with my purchase! 😀

  3. The race bundle is the newer designed console, however the only noticeable differences is new shape and slightly quieter, it would depend on the price

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